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Keytech is Leading Brand of Wires,belongs to kaetat Group company,was established in 1993.Our own industrial park Reached 70,000 square meters.1200 employees.


It is the largest wire manufacturing plant in shenzhen.


Group company's business includes: Automobile wire/Medical wire/Toy wire/lighting/high-end materials/3C electronic products/R&D and manufacturing.


We are the designated supplier of Apple Inc./ IKEA / Mattel,ect. OEM iPhone lightning cable for the top seller of Amazon.Also we are alibaba's choice.



 Purchase Notes:


A. Products with K123 or keatat logo are aimed at the High-End Market. A little more expensive,but top quality in Data line industry.


1.Cable made with food-grade environmentally friendly materials,


2.Environmental protection level reaches the requirements of children's toys and medical equipment,Lightning Cable with APPLE'S MFi Certification


3.All wires are tinned copper and shielded, and the service life is about 3-5 times that of ordinary wires(K123 laboratory data)


4.Wires are made of Teflon,The quality is the best in data line industry!!!



B. Products without K123 or keatat logo are aimed at the Mid-range Market.The price is moderate, facilitating the mass sale

We can customize all kinds of wire products according to customers' needs.We have been manufacturing toy wires for 26 years with strict environmental protection certification.

Our product categories include:HI-FI Speaker Cable, UL AWM Wire,Connectors,Casing Series,Cable Ties,Blance Cable,Video Cable,A/V Cable,Stage Cable,HDMI Cable,AV&DC Cable,USB Cable,Flat Wire,Computer Cable,Automotive wiring harness, medical wiring,ect.

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Verified onsite by world-leading inspection company, INTERTEK Group